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What I Love About Umbraco

Video interview with me, Blake, on what I love about Umbraco. Take a minute and check it out, you may find we have some things in common.


  1. What is Umbraco? Umbraco is a content management system built on the .net framework and used by major sites around the world including Microsoft, Wired, Heinz, and Vogue.
  2. Why do we use it? Umbraco offers a completely customizable solution to designers and developers alike. It also has a remarkably simple user interface which allows content editors to easily manage their website.
  3. What do I like about Umbraco? I love Umbraco because of its versatility, plain and simple.
  4. Why did you become certified? I became a certified Umbraco developer because the course offered me the opportunity to meet with other Umbraco developers and learn how Umbraco works and see how other people use it.
  5. What makes Umbraco different from other CMSs? With Umbraco you don’t have to take someone else’s creation and try to fit your design into it. You get the opportunity to craft a custom user experience, not only for your end users but your content editors. You build the CMS, you mold it to your user’s needs, and you create their experience with it.
  6. What are next steps after Umbraco certification? DiscoverTec is currently working on becoming a certified Umbraco partner. They are investing in our education and sending more people to the Umbraco Masterclasses to get certified.
  7. What do you like most about Umbraco? What I like most about Umbraco is the community. They have an extremely helpful community full of people who share knowledge and have a common goal.
  8. What do you like most about working at DT? What I like most about working at DiscoverTec is that they support our education and growth by sending us to conferences, training events, and funding our certifications so that we can better support them and our clients.
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About Blake Watt

Umbraco Certified Master. Web Developer. Explorer. Motorcycle Rider. Weight Lifter. Snowboarder. Crazy Cat Lady.

Spokane, WA